Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Inc.
                                                     2020 Programs
                                (See "Meetings" section for times and place.)

January              24     "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                    Separate Simultaneous Discussions

February            28      "Get in the Swing for Spring!"
                                    Kele Baker, LIDYA, MSTAT, AISTAT, AISTD, BSc
                                    Mind-Body-Movement Coach; Instructor/Trainer, Tai Chi, Qigong
March                27      "Life after Diagnosis"
                                    Fabio Danisi, MD
                                    Neurologist; RPS Neurology, Poughkeepsie, NY
April                  24      "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"  
                                     Separate Simultaneous Discussions

April                  26      Celebration:  10th Annual "Walk Over Water"  1:00 - 4:00 pm
                                    Walkway Over the Hudson, Poughkeepsie Parking Lot
May                   22      "Learn How to Feel Your Best Self"
                                    Grant Freer, LMT, MS/Ac; Freer Therapeutics, Kingston, NY
                                    Malinda DeMercurio, MS, LAc; Dragon Springs Wellness, Kingston

June                  26     "Margie's Story: One woman Faces Down PD"
                                   Margie Alley, Teacher, Fighter

July                   24     "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                   Separate Simultaneous Discussions
Note that these meetings are all held on the fourth Friday of the month except for November and December.