Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Inc.
                                                     2018 Programs
                                (See "Meetings" section for times and place)

January              26      "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                    Separate Simultaneous Discussions

February            23      "Fight the Winter blues with Laughter Yoga"
                                    Jim Gordon, MS; Gerontologist, Certified Yoga Laughter Instructor,
                                    Certified in family Mediation and Aging n Place
March               23      "What's an Ombudsman:  How Can They Help?"
                                    Theresa Norbom; Outreach Specialist and Certified Ombudsman
                                    Hudson Valley Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
April                 27        "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"  
                                     Separate Simultaneous Discussions

April                 29        Parkinson's Awareness Walk:  "Walk Over Water"
                                    Walkway Over the Hudson (Starting on the East Side)  1:00 - 3:00 pm

May                  25     "Parkinson's Hot Topics"
                                   Ruth H. Walker, MD, PhD
                                   Neurologist, Castle Point and James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Centers;
                                   Professor of Neurology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine 

June                22     "Making the Most of What You've Got" 
                                 Sheree Loftus, PhD; Gerontologist/Nurse Scientist
                                 Beth Israel Medical Center, NY, NY
July                27       "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                   Separate Simultaneous Discussions
Note that these meetings are all held on the fourth Friday of the month.