Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Inc.
                                                     2019 Programs
                                (See "Meetings" section for times and place)

January              25      "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                    Separate Simultaneous Discussions

February            22      "Loosen Up and Stand Strong"
                                    Vince Cauer; Certified Qui Gong Instructor
                                    Michelle Dedominicis; Certified "Rock Steady Boxing" for PD Instructor
March               22      "Beating Back Parkinson's Depression"
                                    Martijn Figee, MD, PhD; Psychiatrist, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and
                                    Neuroscience; Director of Interventional Psychiatry Program; Mt. Sinai, NY
April                 26        "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"  
                                     Separate Simultaneous Discussions

April                 28        Parkinson's Awareness Walk:  "Walk Over Water"
                                    Walkway Over the Hudson (Starting on the East Side, Poughkeepsie)  1:00 - 3:00 pm
                                    (NOTE:  For details on the Walk, click on "Newsletter" above left and then look for March or April 2019)

May                  24     "Treating Dyskinesia vs. Tremor"
                                   Robert Fekete, MD, PhD
                                   Neurologist, Castle Point and James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Centers;
                                   Professor of Neurology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine 

June                28     "Your Wellness Plan for Parkinson's" 
                                 Fiona Gupta, MD
                                 Director of Movement Disorder Outreach, Assistant Professor of  Neurology
                                 Mt. Sinai Health Systems, NY, NY
July                26       "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                   Separate Simultaneous Discussions
Note that these meetings are all held on the fourth Friday of the month.