Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Inc.
                                                     2021 Programs
               See "Meetings" section for times and place for in-person meetings only.
   Currently, all meetings are online via Zoom.  Those wishing to register, must email
                       (Most meetings are recorded.  Members may request the link once the meeting is archived.)

February            26      "Margie's Story:  Living with Parkinson's"
                                     Margie Alley; School Social Worker, Athlete, Mother
March                26      "Dealing with Dyskinesia and 'Off' Times" 
                                    Michelle Dagostine, MD
                                    Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
                                    Chase Family Movement Disorders Center
                                    Meriden , CT

April                            PARKINSON'S AWARENESS MONTH
April                  23      "Hot Tips for Communicating Clearly with PD" 
                                     Phil Schneider, EdD, CCC-SLP, BRFS
                                     Founder & Co-Director at Schneider Speech
                                     (Dr. Schneider is also a person with Parkinson's)
May                   28      "Understanding Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's Disease"
                                    Katherine Amodeo, MD, Movement Disorders Specialist,
                                    Dept. of Neurology, MidHudson Regional Hospital

June                  25     "Break Glass in Case of Emergency: What to Do When Your PD Meds Let You Down
                                    Fabio Danisi, MD, Movement Disorders Specialist,
                                    Associate Director of Neurology
                                    Dept. of Neurology, MidHudson Regional Hospital
                                    Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology
                                    New York Medical College

July                   23     "Looking to Get Rid of Off Times?"
                                    Joy Antonelle de Marcaida, neurologist, Movement Disorders Specialist
                                    and a person with Parkinson's will explain the Duopa delivery system.
                                    Sponsored by AbbVie

August                    27        "Release Your Body's Own Healing"
                                       Vince Sauter; certified Tai Chi/Qigong Instructor

September        12      Celebration:  10th Annual "Walk Over Water"  1:00 - 3:00 pm
                                    Walkway Over the Hudson, Poughkeepsie Parking Lot
                                                                          (Conditions permitting)

September        24    (Special Zoom meeting to be announced)

October            22    Discussion/Sharing

November        12    Special Symposium (Details to be  announced)

December         11    Holiday Festivities
Note that monthly meetings are all held on the fourth Friday of the month except for November and December.