Parkinson’s Disease Support Group of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Inc.
                                                     2019 Programs
                                (See "Meetings" section for times and place.)

July                    26      "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                    Separate Simultaneous Discussions

August              23      "How the Parkinson's Foundation Can Help You; Where the Money Goes"
                                    Jon Hogan; Director of Major Giving, Northeast
                                    Parkinson's Foundation, Miami, FL
September        27      "Living Your Best Life with Parkinson's"
                                    John Baumann; Inspirational Speaker, Lawyer, Author
                                    Public Invited; Reservations required (Call 914-720-3926 or email
October            25      "Keep up with the Latest on Parkinson's"  
                                     Ruth Walker, MD, PhD; Neurologist Separate Simultaneous Discussions
                                     Castle Point and James J Peters VAMCs; 
                                     Professor of Neurology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

November        15      "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                   Separate Simultaneous Discussions

December        13     "Holiday Festivities"

January           27     "Care Partners/Parkinson's Partners"
                                   Separate Simultaneous Discussions
Note that these meetings are all held on the fourth Friday of the month except for November and December.